Staying at the Art Deco “ROYAL PARK HOTEL TAKAMATSU”

Takamatsu in Shikoku, portrayed in ‘Kafka on the Shore,’ exudes simple charm. This city, infused with the essence of the sea, offers a tranquility that many long for.

The Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu, located in Kawaramachi, mirrors this seaside city’s spirit. Its exterior is composed and understated, yet it houses an Art Deco soul within. The intersection of jazz spirit and Japanese thought creates Takamatsu’s unique blend of understated luxury.


To reach the Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu, you can walk from JR Takamatsu Station.

Remember to turn around and take a look at the station’s windows featuring a smiling image of Takamatsu Station. Many visitors enjoy taking photos here, finding joy in this simple pleasure, perhaps a reason why Kafka from the novel chose Takamatsu to find himself.

To get to the hotel in Kawaramachi, take the bus from the station square to Shoko Chukin Bank. The hotel is near the bustling Kawaramachi shopping district and close to Takamatsu chikko, making it a perfect starting point for an island-hopping journey to the Seto Inland Sea.

A Blend of Modernity and Art Deco Elegance

Since its opening in 1989, the Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu has been a central landmark of the city. In 2016, the hotel underwent a significant renovation overseen by the renowned architect Takarada Akira. His vision reshaped the hotel, infusing it with the Art Deco style reminiscent of New York, making the hotel’s entrance akin to a mini Empire State Building. This redesign in the heart of Takamatsu embodies the philosophy of creating new lifestyles through architectural space.

The mid-rise ivory building of the hotel utilizes abundant geometric grids. Below the octagonal stone clock, lines extend, connecting to curved dark glass. This design reflects the Japanese aesthetic of ‘ Yugen ‘(幽玄) blending radial gold trim that makes each passing moment of sunrise and sunset seem eternal. It showcases Japanese simplicity and also the retro elegance of Art Deco.

Harmony of Styles-Exploring the Art Deco and Japanese Influences

Time seems to flow around is the impression felt when standing in the hotel lobby. The lobby’s color scheme echoes the exterior’s, presented in a more delicate manner. The upper half of the lobby uses light coffee-colored wooden panels, combined with soft, duck-yellow lighting to create a warm, bronze-colored aura, infusing the space with a nostalgic touch.

The lobby’s floor, a representation of the hotel’s spirit, is inspired by Takamatsu’s specialty, Japanese “pine bonsai.” A purple carpet embroidered with golden pine needles intersects with arrow-shaped floor patterns, forming geometric triangles that stretch towards the elevators, intertwining two thoughtful design philosophies to showcase the harmonious beauty between man and nature through the changing seasons.

Just as we were marveling at the retro elevator buttons and geometric light designs, we arrived at the door of our room for the night. Walking through the corridors of the hotel, every object seemed thoughtfully curated to ensure a harmonious coexistence of Art Deco opulence and Japanese aesthetic restraint.

The Design of the guest rooms

The design of the guest rooms at the Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu continues to demonstrate a focus on details. The velvet carpet in the rooms, transitioning from the pine needle pattern in the hallways, adopts soft and natural lines that unconsciously relax the visitor. A brass clothes hanger, seamlessly integrated into the wall beside the door, features intricate Art Deco elements, adding a touch of elegance to the welcoming space.

The guest rooms are designed with wall-mounted storage units, combining a TV cabinet, wall cabinets, and a vanity, offering ample space for personal belongings and exemplifying the functional beauty of Japanese design. The bedding area features soft, dark leather and a comfortable Simmons mattress, ensuring a restful sleep. An intriguing feature is the bedside table, resembling a Marshall speaker, with a polished black surface and amber gold knobs, elegantly incorporating a jazz style.

Artistic Fusion and Cultural Elegance

It is not only about artistic style but also about thoughtful amenities. The desk features a stone pen holder made from the world-renowned Takamatsu specialty, Aji stone. The towels used are Imabari towels from Shikoku’s Imabari City, known for their high quality and certification by the Shikoku Towel Industry Association.

The walls are adorned with paintings that blend romantic jazz elements from Art Deco with the simplistic black and white themes of natural pine trees, showcasing the Japanese aesthetic of ‘less is more.’ The hotel, located in Japan’s largest producer of pine bonsai, Takamatsu, also offers books related to bonsai culture and Japanese gardens, including works by renowned designer Kenya Hara and guides on Japanese garden bonsai. Nearby is the nationally designated Ritsurin Park, famous for its large-scale Japanese garden.

The Nearby Spots

In addition to being close to the Kawaramachi shopping district, the Royal Park Hotel Takamatsu is surrounded by historic restaurants and elegant, hidden bars in the alleys. It stands in the cultural and artistic heart of Takamatsu. Exploring the area at night, tasting local delights, and visiting nearby famous Sanuki Udon noodle shops like “Teuchi Udon Tsurumaru” offer an authentic experience.

Information of the hotel


1-chome-311 Kawaramachi, Takamatsu, Kagawa 760-0052, Japan MAP

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