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Our Ethos

We prioritize the planet’s well-being while championing the value of people. Our curation of products and contents not only embody sustainability but also offer an aesthetic allure that speaks to conscious consumers who seek both style and substance.

Explore our expertly curated collection highlighting exceptional craftsmanship and genuine materials. Our offerings celebrate a timeless modernist aesthetic, boasting unique details and standout design from across the globe.

Conscious Curation – 

Thoughtfully curating and crafting sustainable content and products with healthy, non-toxic ingredients.

Choosing responsible products, suppliers, locations, stores, and hotels. Choose the route that serves the planet and its people.

Responsible Shipping – 

sustainable packaging and materials

Authentic experiences –

We offer content and products that we personally love, ensuring authenticity and realness.

we are sol

We are creators with art backgrounds based in Taiwan, passionately sharing distinctive and mindful information about travel destinations and lifestyle goods. With a unique perspective through the eyes of artists and a sustainable mindset, our aim is to connect with those who care about unique experiences and possess a one-of-a-kind soul.