The Secretive Night Out Experience in Takamatsu – BAR Tabi

A Delightful Sense of Adult Indulgence, BAR Tabi, hidden among the alleys, is a place where secrets are kept.

As I tentatively stepped forward, a creaking sound emanated from the depths of the cave, and a concealed wooden door slowly opened. 

A neatly dressed gentleman bowed to us, the air subtly changing as we began to sense the ambiance of the bar. “BAR Tabi” welcomed us with an elegant spirit. 

Photo by SOL. The entrance of the bar that looks like the cave.

Bow and enter the Cave

Located near Kawaramachi Station in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, this ‘cave’ entrance to BAR Tabi is hidden in an alley and blends seamlessly with its surroundings. Its unmarked, geometric entrance is not easily noticeable. Inside, the bar’s intimate lighting, pebble-strewn paths, and bamboo decorations create an atmosphere that fuses traditional Japanese garden elements with a medieval cellar vibe, offering a blend of ancient and modern aesthetics.

The inner room of bar adopts a different style. Despite its modest size, the warm lighting casts a soft glow on the wood-dominated decor, creating a cozy ambiance reminiscent of being nestled inside a wine barrel. This hidden and comfortable space sweeps away any hesitation felt at the cave’s entrance. The subtle Japanese jazz and unique atmosphere are essential characteristics of this bar, inviting us to relax and be led to our seats by the sommelier.

Photo by SOL.

The bar’s interior features a thick, mahogany-colored wooden table, keeping its natural, irregular edges and showcasing the wood’s texture. As I picked up a warm towel from the table, I noticed the layers of light from the bar’s illuminated liquor cabinet behind us, highlighting thousands of bottles and glasses. The ceiling reflected a golden hue, casting a blurred reflection of myself above, adding to the slightly tipsy ambiance.

Photo by SOL.

BAR Tab offers a unique menu categorized by base spirits, allowing patrons to choose from various ingredients and flavor profiles to create their preferred taste. Each cocktail is meticulously described from ingredients to completion, making it an accessible menu. With over 2000 possibilities noted on the menu, it invites serious exploration. If unsure what to order, you can trust the bartender’s intuition, which is itself a way to experience the essence of “BAR Tabi”.

A bowl of homemade soup before drink

As we anticipated our first drinks, the bartender unexpectedly presented us with a bowl of hot soup.

Photo by SOL. Homemade soup before the drink that warms your stomach.

Curiously, picked up the milk-colored soup sprinkled with a pinch of green spices. It appeared ordinary at first glance, but upon tasting it, we were both taken aback and shared a smile. The seemingly simple soup had an incredibly smooth texture and was full of rich flavors, truly astonishing us.

It turns out, BAR Tabi serves homemade soup, akin to a traditional Japanese appetizer soup, to warm and soothe the guests, creating a relaxing atmosphere and embracing a concept akin to Eastern dietary wellness practices.

Kahlua Milk

As someone who enjoys coffee daily, trying a coffee-based cocktail at a bar is a natural choice. At BAR Tabi, try for the signature ‘Kahlua Milk’, a fascinating selection or perhaps a testament to the bartender’s keen intuition.

The cocktail, presented in a vintage pine box with crushed ice at the bottom, had a visually pleasing appearance, reminiscent of a fizzy Yakult drink. The ‘Kahlua Milk’ on the menu stands out as ‘Japan’s number one ambrosial milk’, uniquely made without Kahlua liquor, but instead using Uji matcha, homemade chocolate, brewed vanilla rum, and in-house roasted coffee beans.

Lifting the glass, the coffee aroma was subtly enveloped within, unfolding a rich blend of vanilla and milk, leading to a gentle coffee fragrance that’s perfect for a late-night indulgence.

Infused with bergamot and black cardamom, is complex yet alluring, with a fresh taste and distinct layers of spices. The Saigon Baigur Gin‘s flavor blends seamlessly with other spices, creating a unique harmony. 

After the first sip, the bartender approaches, introducing this traditional distilled Vietnamese gin.

The bar, known for its polite and gentlemanly staff, offers a comforting experience. The glassware at BAR Tabi adds an artistic touch to the drinking experience, reflecting the pure essence of the gin with its clarity and thoughtful design, enhancing the artistry of the moment.

Photo by SOL. the flowing glasses with water.

The Last mekabu Soup

As we were getting ready to settle our bill, the bartender served us ‘mekabu,’ a dish gently stewed from seaweed and kelp. It was warm and tender, carrying a hint of the ocean’s freshness and sweetness. This dish evoked memories of the homemade soup we savored at the beginning, making our evening experience at the bar even more gratifying.


Leaving BAR Tabi, I noticed the ‘white tabi’ pattern on the receipt holder, reminiscent of the traditional white tabi socks worn in Japanese arts like tea ceremonies and Kabuki. This subtle detail signifies the bar’s deep respect for the artistry of bartending, mirroring the reverence for artisans in Japanese culture.

Information :


〒760-0052 Kagawa, Takamatsu, Kawaramachi, 1-chome−12−10 1F MAP

( Walk from Kawaramachi Station 5 mins)

Opening Hour:

[Fri、Sat、The day before national holiday]



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