Membership Policy


Register to become a Silver member.

Permanently valid

Join to enjoy NT$100 shopping credit.

Points reward, valid for one year.

 Enjoy NT$200 shopping credit for your Birthday


Accumulate spending of NT$25,000 within a year

Validity starts from the date of upgrade, valid for one year

Accumulate spending of NT$10,000 within a year Qualifies for membership renewal

Enjoy a 5% discount on every checkout 

Points reward, valid for one year

Enjoy NT$500 shopping credit for your Birthday

Priority invitation and registration for brand events and brand festival gifts.

【 Shopping Credits and Member Points 】

  • Online store shopping credits can be used for single orders reaching NT$1000, with no upper limit on usage.
  • Points are accumulated at one point for every NT$10 spent, with each point redeemable for one NT dollar off.
  • After the goods are collected, the system will automatically issue points.

【 Notice 】

  • A reminder that personal information must be filled out accurately to ensure you can receive relevant messages.
  • Member’s birthday can only be changed once and cannot be altered afterward. Please pay attention to this to avoid affecting your rights.
  • Personal Information Modification: You can click on personal information to change your name, E-mail, mobile number, password, and shipping details.
  • Membership accumulation is limited to the same account application; accumulation cannot be combined across different accounts.
  • After upgrading membership, the amount is considered zero and will be recalculated.
  • Order status must be a valid order (paid); canceled orders will not be included in the calculation.
  • After an order is paid, the system will calculate the membership level according to the upgrade criteria.
  • Birthday gifts are automatically assigned at the beginning of the month and notified via E-mail.
  • SOL for good reserves the right to modify the program.