Vintage phonograph displayed at Audeum Museum with elegant white draped background.

Immerse in Sound at Seoul’s Audeum Audio Museum

In Seoul, Korea, a museum designed by the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, combining sound art, historical audio equipment, and modern audio technology, the Audeum Audio Museum (오디움), officially opened this year. Its silver structure stands in the city center like sound frequencies, awakening the forgotten body consciousness of people.

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Looking for inner peace in Bali : Alchemy Yoga Center

On a quiet Bali morning, stepping into the tranquil shadows of the leaves, we enter the mysterious entrance of Alchemy Yoga Center. Here, we meditate, delve into philosophy and introspection, touch the soul, and find ourselves again. In Bali, the old symbols of ‘sun, sea, and sand’ have gradually transformed into representations of serenity, spirituality, and sustainability.

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