In June, as sunlight filters through the mist in Copenhagen, the curtain rises quietly on 3daysofdesign , an annual design event held from the June 12th to the 14th, 2024.

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It has become one of the most significant events in the Nordic design world, featuring over 250 design brands and more than 400 exhibitions, showcasing the latest in home, lighting, lifestyle, and innovative design.

From 10 AM to 6 PM, the entire city breathes design. The three-day event spreads across exhibition spaces, stores, streets, and galleries in Copenhagen. All activities are free to attend; just remember to register for a free QR code pass on the official application.

The theme for 2024 is “Dare to Dream” calling out to designers worldwide to “dream, opening a door that allows people to think outside the box and soar freely in the boundless sky.” This year, we travel to Denmark, selecting 16 sustainable design and circular economy brands, experiencing the latest design language and the charm of the circular economy together.


Founded in 1987 by Finnish Studio, Woodnotes combines art with eco-friendly technology, using natural materials like wool and paper to create sustainable products. At this year’s 3daysofdesign, Woodnotes showcases the latest in furniture and home products, reflecting a perfect blend of simplicity, harmony, and functionality.

 Buehøjgård Showroom, Bredgade 28A, 1260 Copenhagen


Focusing on sustainability, THE UPCYCL from Denmark transforms industrial waste into valuable resources, promoting a circular economy. They connect various industries, sharing surplus materials to reduce waste and raw material consumption. In their exhibit, new waste materials are given new life, demonstrating how designers and architects can turn them into innovative solutions, making waste a symbol of endless possibilities.

Farvergade 4D, 1463 Copenhagen


A creative studio and platform, full of inspiration from designers, showcasing works with sustainability and artistic energy from various cities. They preserve traditional crafts, innovate with materials, redesign, and restore techniques in their designs. Omarcity’s exhibition space transforms industrial sites into vibrant design scenes, turning public spaces into warm and story-filled environments, blending contemporary design and art, inviting people to explore new possibilities.

Refshalevej 203A, 1432 Copenhagen

RS Barcelona 

Dedicated to designing unique game tables and furniture that inspire creative, friendly, and sustainable living. Their works seek the beauty of simplicity, paying attention to detail, creating genuine pieces that enrich living spaces. RS Barcelona emphasizes the power of play, merging design and fun, redefining tradition, and making each game a doorway to the unknown.

Embassy Of Spain : Odd Fellow Palace, Bredgade 28, 1260 Copenhagen

Noma Projects 

Founded in 2022, Noma Projects shares the knowledge, innovation, and flavors from Noma restaurant, bringing its unique experience to dining tables worldwide, adding taste and inspiration to life. This year at 3daysofdesign, Noma Projects showcases materials and flavors from Noma’s experimental kitchen, inviting everyone to explore the latest in contemporary culinary arts.

Refshalevej 213A, 1432 Copenhagen

Karimoku Case 

From Karimoku Case

A modern lifestyle brand from Japan, emphasizing tranquility, rich materials, and timeless appeal, created by leading architects. Karimoku Case is the fourth high-end furniture brand by Karimoku, showcasing designs that are both simple and poetic. In this year’s 3daysofdesign, Karimoku Case invites visitors into a space combining design, art, and poetry, reinterpreting the fusion of past and present. 

Enter The Salon : The Conary, Dronningens Tværgade 26, 1302 Copenhagen


from FÓLK 

A rising Nordic lifestyle brand that drives green transformation through design, using natural and recycled materials to create products with low environmental impact and high durability, suitable for disassembly for material recycling. FÓLK demonstrates how experimental processes can turn waste materials into beautiful design pieces. This year at 3daysofdesign, FÓLK launches the “CIRCULAR LANDSCAPES” series, showcasing the perfect blend of innovation and environmental protection.

Fredericiagade 17, 1310 Copenhagen

Anker Bak 

Anker Bak is an innovative designer combining Nordic traditional woodworking techniques with recycled furniture, focusing on practical furniture for the elderly and disabled. With a keen human-centered design perspective, Bak won the 2023 Wegner Award and the 2024 Finn Juhl Award. His exhibition “The Furniture We Need” showcases the concept of dignity in future design, inviting viewers to explore how design can enhance the quality of life.

Knippelsbro 2, 1400 Copenhagen


A Swedish interior design brand blending bold contemporary expressions with genuine craftsmanship, using sustainable materials to create products with a contemporary art style. Inspired by various art forms, LAYERED interprets classic minimalism, showcasing the elegance of “Scandinavian style.” This year, LAYERED presents its latest collaborative series with PoppyKalas, Teklan, and Evelina Kroon, offering a new design perspective.

Holbergsgade 16, 1057 Copenhagen


Committed to renewable resources, Plastiz transforms plastic waste into 100% recyclable new materials, addressing environmental crises. Their panels, made from waste materials like soap bottles, caps, and old refrigerators, offer over 30 textures and color options to meet various design needs. In collaboration with Studio WA+CH, Plastiz’s “Transcendence” exhibition demonstrates how plastic can be transformed from a disposable material into a durable and beautiful resource, providing unlimited possibilities for designers and architects.

TRANSCENDENCE:Werkstatt 167, Refshalevej 167A, 1432 Copenhagen


A Danish material manufacturer focusing on making recyclable and carbon-storing acoustic materials from eelgrass. Their goal is to provide sustainable building materials that enhance human health and quality of life. Søuld’s products, inspired by the ocean, transform traditional thatched roof materials into modern acoustic designs, incorporating the tranquility and harmony of nature into design. 

Båd 44, Refshalevej 169E, 1432 Copenhagen

The Material Way 

A collaborative platform focused on material research, supporting creators committed to creating a more inclusive, local, and natural future. Founded by curator Rita Trindade and multidisciplinary designer Bonnie Hvillum, it brings together artists and researchers to showcase works made from natural and bio-based materials.

Øens Have, Refshalevej 159B, 1432 Copenhagen


A modern interior design brand from Finland, combining Nordic visual language with sustainable biomaterial innovation to create 100% waterproof wood composite materials, offering a more environmentally friendly option than ceramics. Woodio’s products are beautifully designed and durable, suitable for both home and public spaces. This year, Woodio showcases a colorful bathroom furniture series, inviting people worldwide to explore the possibilities of future bathroom design.

DDcated:Lapidarium Of Kings, Frederiksholms Kanal 29, 1220 Copenhagen


A Japanese lighting design company founded in 2009, dedicated to creating portable and durable lights that combine LED technology with comfort and elegance. Each design has poetic qualities, adding beauty even when turned off. In this year’s 3daysofdesign exhibition, Ambientec showcases new lighting designs in collaboration with Norm Architects, exploring new light sources for everyday spaces.

Enter The Salon:The Conary, Dronningens Tværgade 26, 1302 Copenhagen


A leading Nordic supplier of storage and recycling furniture with over forty years of experience, focusing on innovation, developing flexible storage systems and aesthetically pleasing recycling stations seamlessly integrated into office and public space decor. In this year’s exhibition, TreCe showcases how to perfectly combine waste management with design, enhancing the aesthetic of spaces.

NORRLITT DESIGN :Store Kongensgade 81, 1264 Copenhagen


Since 1990, ClassiCon has been focused on innovative furniture design, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to create beautiful and durable furniture. At 3daysofdesign, ClassiCon presents classic works by Eileen Gray and new designs by Herzog & de Meuron, blending designs from different eras, allowing visitors to experience sculptural landscapes on hand-woven carpets.

FRAMING :Odd Fellow Palace, Bredgade 28, 1260 Copenhagen

Getting from one event to another in Copenhagen is simple. You can rent a bike, take the bus or metro, catch a boat, or just walk.

Pictures from:3daysofdesign

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