Explore the Future Space by Tokyo Bay! TeamLab Planets TOKYO Digital Art Experience

Arne Müseler / www.arne-mueseler.com  view of Toyosu Market, Tokyo, Japan

Toyosu, an island by Tokyo Bay, features wide streets, elevated bridges, and intersecting railways in the air. The scent of the harbor gives the space a light blue hue, making it look like a near-future satellite city. Here stands one of Asia’s most iconic digital art and technology exhibition venues – TeamLab Planets TOKYO.

Photo by SOL.

Breakfast at Toyosu Market!

In the morning, we took a bus through the bustling streets and got off at Toyosu ‘Shijō-mae Station.’ Before heading to TeamLab Planets, we first visited the new location of the 86-year-old Tsukiji Market, Toyosu Market. Since it was still early and not too crowded, we casually chose a sushi restaurant. The shop served us hot tea and fresh salmon rice bowls, accompanied by a tranquil traditional atmosphere. Stirring our miso soup with chopsticks, our thoughts flowed freely, filled with anticipation and imagination about the immersive interactive art experience that TeamLab Planets TOKYO would soon offer.”

According to Google searches for the most popular museums, Toyosu TeamLab Planets TOKYO ranks fifth globally and is the only one from Japan to make the list.

Photo by SOL.

TeamLab Planets

According to Japan’s ‘読売新聞オンライン’ one out of ten foreign visitors to Tokyo visits TeamLab Planets. The interactive art here is also very suitable for family trips, attracting large crowds.

As we entered the entrance, indeed, a long queue had already formed. Fortunately, we had booked tickets weeks in advance. As we joined the line, we noticed the tall pillars in the plaza rising and falling as if breathing. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a combination of dynamic images and physical structures. Black lines spread across the crater-like surface, radiating a vivid red light, which I believe would be even more enchanting at night.

Photo by SOL.

TeamLab, one of the most important groups in the digital art world, has several venues around the globe, and Toyosu’s Planets in Tokyo is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive. It features themes like the ‘Museum that Submerges in Water’ and the ‘Garden that Becomes One with Flowers.’ The venue is divided into three distinct areas: Water Area, Garden, and Public Area. During Japan’s cherry blossom (sakura) season, the entire venue transforms into a sea of cherry blossoms, interacting with visitors and changing with the natural seasons, making it incredibly captivating.

By teamLab Planets

Strangely, even though the exhibition hall was crowded, it didn’t feel cramped. Perhaps it was because everyone was focused, gazing at the surrounding scenes, moving forward slowly. Our minds also slowed down, immersed in the unique world created by teamLab’s mathematicians, artists, engineers, computer animators, and architects.

by TeamLab Planets

Along the exhibition pathway, you will come to a courtyard surrounded by mirrors. Sprinklers release a fine mist of water, and undulating hills are adorned with avocado-shaped sculptures. The silver-plated surfaces reflect the surroundings, and as you approach, you can see your stretched reflection. The light and shadows cast onto the avocados give you a dreamlike sensation.

from teamLab Youtube

We got lost inside the museum! It was the kind of lost where we really couldn’t find our way. Because it was so dark, after viewing two artworks, we somehow ended up at the exit. Fortunately, we trusted our instincts and circled back, wandering in the darkness. We then discovered that some of the walls in the passageway were actually made of curtains! Upon pulling one aside, we finally found the road leading to the Garden area.

Floating Flower Garden: Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One

The fragrance of flowers naturally guides people into this ‘Floating Flower Garden.’ In the space, a three-dimensional kinetic installation suspends thousands of flowers and plants. Surrounding mirrors make them appear infinite in an instant. Bending down to enter the floating clusters of flowers, we experienced an unforgettable embrace of nature. We were deeply mesmerized for a long, long time.

by TeamLab Planets

teamLab’s works often revolve around the concept of ‘infinity.’ Walking through the intricate passages, you look down to see your reflection in the clear mirror; looking up, you see another, deeper, and more distant version of yourself. In this interplay of light and shadow, countless points of light continuously gather, disperse, disappear, and reappear, breaking free from linear time and returning to the present. The mesmerizing scene outlines the eternal that people long for.

Photo by SOL.

In the darkness, the lights warned us to be careful as we approached the deep water area. I started to feel nervous—finally, it was coming. I wondered if the water would be cold. Rolling up my pants, I cautiously moved forward, and with a splash! Warm water, it was warm water! Everyone exclaimed in unison. The water reached up to our knees, emitting a pale white hue, and had the smooth feel of a hot spring. Everything felt so considerate and thoughtful.

by teamLab Planets

The changing space expands infinite imagination, taking us back to the first time we saw the sea. Standing in the water, fish swam past, heading towards the vast ocean, only to return to our side at unexpected moments. In those memories, the youngest version of ourselves remained. TeamLab recreated this original feeling. Under the influence of digital technology and art, we walked in the water with fish and falling leaves. These were not pre-recorded images but real-time interactions generated by algorithms. This left an irreplaceable impression on each person, creating unique and unrepeatable moments of awe.

by TeamLab Planets

TeamLab Planets Tokyo opened in the summer of 2018 and attracted 2.3 million visitors at its launch. Originally intended to be a two-year limited exhibition, its run was extended to 2027 due to overwhelming global response. This extension allows both adults and children to continue experiencing the joy of interaction and exploration, feeling the warmth of shared human memories. It has become a must-visit digital art exhibition for travelers from around the world when they come to Tokyo.

teamLab Planets TOKYO, Toyosu 6-1-16, Koto-ku, Tokyo

9:00 – 22:00
* Last entry one hour before closing.
* You may have to wait 30 to 90 minutes to be admitted to the venue.


Wednesday, June 5; Wednesday, July 10; Wednesday, August 7

By Train

  • 1 minute on foot from Shin-Toyosu Station (New Transit Yurikamome)
  • 10 minutes on foot from Toyosu Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)
  • 5 minutes on foot from Shijoumae Station and Toyosu Market

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