3 days of design 2024 Sustainable Guide In Copenhagen

In June, as sunlight filters through the mist in Copenhagen, the curtain rises quietly on 3daysofdesign , an annual design event held from the June 12th to the 14th, 2024.

t has become one of the most significant events in the Nordic design world, featuring over 250 design brands and more than 400 exhibitions, showcasing the latest in home, lighting, lifestyle, and innovative design.

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[ Newly opened Nordic Landmark] – From Grain Silo to Modern Art Museum, Kunstsilo!

A white facade building with towering silo structures, like a beacon of Nordic modern art, Kunstsilo quietly watches over the Norwegian coastline.On the coast of Kristiansand in southern Norway, on the island of Odderøya, stands a row of white giant silos. This 8,500-square-meter building, named ‘Kunstsilo,’ was once an abandoned grain silo. After eight years of planning and renovation, it has transformed into a modern art museum and has officially opened to the world on May 11, 2024.

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Looking for inner peace in Bali : Alchemy Yoga Center

On a quiet Bali morning, stepping into the tranquil shadows of the leaves, we enter the mysterious entrance of Alchemy Yoga Center. Here, we meditate, delve into philosophy and introspection, touch the soul, and find ourselves again. In Bali, the old symbols of ‘sun, sea, and sand’ have gradually transformed into representations of serenity, spirituality, and sustainability.

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